Welcome to the world of Danielle!


That’s me right there…hello.

I’m Danielle, and for my first post I’ll tell you a little about me; I ride motorcycles, currently own a Suzuki SV650, so just a little one 🙂 looking at my next bike and it’s a choice of 3 (MT-10, Triumph Speed Triple or YZF-R1) 3 completely different bikes!! I Also love me some cars too, I have a little Mazda MX-5 NB she’s a 1.8 SVT in Crystal Blue, I’ve recently put my stamp on the interior so look out for a post and snaps of that too!  To keep me fit from eating cookies and such like, I do aerial arts, this includes aerial hoop (see header image) and pole dancing…have dabbled with a trapeze once or twice too!

Hope I’ve not bored you to death, hope you enjoy more to come.

Dan x


Bad times for the SV 

I had a pretty hectic week last week so other than fitting the tail tidy I’ve not shown the bike any attention; on Saturday morning, I was walking back to the house and turned round to look at my beautiful bike, only for this to catch my eye…

It would appear some unsavoury character has hit the sv and knocked it over, honestly I’m livid and gutted. From the scuffs, it looks like someone has parked behind it and when they pulled out they’ve clipped the front wheel and knocked it over, the exhaust has hit the kerb, the bar end mirror is all bent up and the disc lock was wedged up against the fork. They done the minor decent thing of picking it up but obviously didn’t leave their details.

Someone must have seen something or even heard something, it has a screamer alarm on it, so that must have been going off like a trooper, it also has a disc lock and chain so this surely must have made it difficult to pick back up, not to mention the weight of the bike itself. I am counting my lucky stars that the exhaust and bar mirrors took the brunt of the fall and there is no marks on anything else. I’m going to take it for a run to make sure it rides straight etc. I’ve already ordered new mirrors and am going to modify the can into a stubby…best of a bad situation I guess.

I am so desperate for a garage now, I’ve bid my interest on 5 garages that was loaded on the council website this week, I’m not holding my hopes up as this is the first batch of garages for 6 weeks. 

Fingers crossed

Dan x

Pole Life Update

I thought I’d take the time to post about what I’ve been up to lately! So much going on that I’ve kind of neglected my blog! There’ll be a bit of everything here 🙂

I have to say there has been a few decisions made regarding my aerial activities, some exciting, some difficult. I’ve decided to give my aerial hoop classes a miss for a little while, I currently have zero family time and Monday evening’s are so knackering I literally come home from work, wolf down some food, go to pole class, then hoop, and by the time it comes to hoop im to tired to achieve anything; im also trying to save money so I am also no longer going to pole on Mondays  (just Wednesday and workshops), this means i can have mondays back for family and chill time and save £40 a month!

 My strength has had an amazing boost lately, and it’s all down to actually eating, previously I have to admit I would never eat enough, I was always too busy…yep too busy to eat, so I’ve forced myself, it’s been tough on the mind as I have gained a few lbs but I’m now focussing on healthy eating and fitness more than ever, I have no doubt my strength and tone will improve, even with my class cut backs! I’m going to invest in a stage pole at home, yes I can see your asking…how is that saving money…well with only going to class every other Wednesday, the money saved will pay for the pole and I get to practice as much as I Like!!!!

 I still love my pole family so can’t tear myself away completely and I will be doing some shows and competitions! I’m really excited to progress further and enjoy the sport with no restrictions!!!

Dan x 

Miata Life Update

I thought I’d take the time to post about what I’ve been up to lately! So much going on that I’ve kind of neglected my blog! There’ll be a bit of everything here 🙂

Oooo where to start on the miata! After, buying the auxiliary hoses for the old girl, I kinda forgot that the rad hoses are separate, so I grabbed me some of those, should be fitting it all soon, will be doing the cambelt and waterpump etc so ideal time!

 Have also made another purchase…..no more will I have noisy baffles! Grabbed myself a cat-back system from Japspeed.

Just a quick post about the Mx5 today hopefully get all the bits done and have a nice few pics and vids. Now to get some coilovers and wheels! Also going to grab myself a pretty deep dish steering wheel from stoney racing. They’re a great company go give them a look!

Dan x


Bike Life Update

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d take the time to post about what I’ve been up to lately! So much going on that I’ve kind of neglected my blog! There’ll be a bit of everything here 🙂

Bike Life

Would you believe that I’d never been to a bike night anywhere!! Well I took the plunge a couple weeks back and had a fabulous time at Loomies bike night at West Meon! I didnt get in until gone midnight, was having such a blast. My bike life hasn’t all been glorious though; the day before bike night, I had a bit of an oil seep from the clutch cover, I decided to warm the bike up to see where it was coming from, I then decided to check the oil level, so I leaned the bike upright and as you do kinda rest it on your leg…..i was stood the exhaust side…i was in shorts….

 …I full on melted my leg, oh the agony! On a plus note i did spend a morning playing with the sv, me and the nipper changed the O ring on the clutch cover and finally fitted/modified the tail tidy!

Summer is approaching, more rides to be had.

Dan x 

Amazing Ride

I got the bike out today 🙂 had such an amazing ride. The best ride I’ve ever had! I got to try out my new RST jacket too!

I have to say my new leathers gave me a new found confidence, I’ve only been riding about 2 years so I’m quite reserved, but today I had so much fun, obviously within legal limits etc. :O Even got my knee down….well my foot scraped the road round a roundabout….that counts right? But seriously I’m really looking forward to more riding to come!

Thoroughly recommend freestyle Yamaha in chichester, always friendly and yummy coffee!
Dan x

Miata Gets Some Attention

I decided to treat the miata to some goodies, I got her some Stoney Racing hoses and attended to her braking issue. The rear brakes seem to be suffering from the regular MX5 condition of sticky/non existing braking. I didn’t go in light hearted we full on rebuilt the rear calipers, no point paying over £200 for new ones especially as they’re probably either cheap Chinese or reconditioned anyway. I opted for a slightly more expensive kit that included brand new pistons. I also made the mistake of deciding to start the overhaul straight after work on a Friday after a tiring week!!!!

It didn’t go without hiccups, taking the E brake auto adjuster out of the piston was the first hurdle. Anyway, we rebuilt the calipers and decided to get them back on in the last 30 mins of sunset! 

LH rear went on and started to bleed up beautifully, then I hear a squirting noise!!! Now the system had some pressure RH rear was leaking fluid like a pressure washer! Turns out the circlip inside the piston housing (holding on the handbrake adjuster) had popped off, now let me tell you this was not a good thing; with no circlip in, you can’t wind the piston out, without the piston off, you can’t put the circlip back on! We tried everything to get this damn piston out of the housing, in the end we had to go savage style…RIP new piston and seal. Out the piston come and the caliper was reassembled with the original piston (cleaned up), was 11pm at this point so we cut the cord and went to bed. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I set about putting the car back together at 7am (and no coffee!) I had success! Fingers crossed out work wasn’t in vain, it feels good, time will tell, I will have to rebuild the RH side with a new piston when i change the discs and pads but for the time being I’m praying that I now have working rear brakes; the test drive was positive so I’m confident it’s all good!

Dan x


Today marks my 1 year pole birthday! Super stoked to be a part of a great family at Tiger Tone Studio; it was a tough week for me at the studio after being out of action for 4 weeks with a very nasty viral infection.

Physically I am weaker, appearence wise I am less toned, but my mind was so much more open! I was able to achieve so many higher level moves! Yogini⚫Aerial Planche⚫Inverted Drops 🙈 I’m looking forward to my classes next week I’m going to be putting some hard work in to re-tone and gain strength!

Dan x