Miata Interior!

When I got my little MX5 I found the armrest really hurt my elbow, the passenger door card had a chunk taken out of it too so I decided to play around with some fabric!

I went to trusty old ebay and hunted down some upholstery foam, I didn’t want a quilted look so just opted for some generic foam lining. 

The hero in all this was some aerosol upholstery glue, I didn’t need to use any stitching or staples on the door cards at all!  Just spray it on wait a few seconds for the solvent to evaporate and stick the foam down nice and tight! I wouldn’t rush the job take your time to get a good finish, no wrinkles.

I obviously went for the same fabric I used on my wind break, some beautiful skulls and roses. This is from a fantastic place called BST Fabrics Ltd. based in South Shields, check out their website bstfabrics.co.uk I would definitely recommend them. To secure the fabric to the foam i just done the same, spray the glue wait for the solvent to evaporate and stick the fabric down, be careful not to make it too wet as it will bleed through the fabric; make sure you pull the fabric tight…we don’t want any sags do we! And ta daaa..nice pretty new door cards…much softer on my boney elbows!!!

Dan x


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