Spring Ride 

The weather is getting warmer…this means out comes the motorcycle. I’m usually an all year biker, but at the moment I have no off road parking for the SV, I don’t want to become the next victim of bike theft so she was tucked away miles and miles away from my house in October. I was very wary of pulling her out, being a 2001 curvy model it’s carb, so to be honest I was expecting to have a bit of bother with it after sitting around for 5 months. One thing I did do was remove the battery the moment it was stashed away, I kept it on trickle charge, the last thing I wanted was to add battery problems to the list of potential issues. 

So in went the battery and the moment of truth….

…she started first time! I let her warm up whilst fitting a new horn (old one looked too rusty) . Quick oil change and took her for a fresh tank of petrol. I went for a pretty good ride on it and not a beat out of place! 

I’m waiting to hear about a garage near by so I can get out on her more, but for now she’s back into hiding, I’ll get out on her again over the next few days. 

Fingers crossed for the garage

Dan x


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