Miata Gets Some Attention

I decided to treat the miata to some goodies, I got her some Stoney Racing hoses and attended to her braking issue. The rear brakes seem to be suffering from the regular MX5 condition of sticky/non existing braking. I didn’t go in light hearted we full on rebuilt the rear calipers, no point paying over £200 for new ones especially as they’re probably either cheap Chinese or reconditioned anyway. I opted for a slightly more expensive kit that included brand new pistons. I also made the mistake of deciding to start the overhaul straight after work on a Friday after a tiring week!!!!

It didn’t go without hiccups, taking the E brake auto adjuster out of the piston was the first hurdle. Anyway, we rebuilt the calipers and decided to get them back on in the last 30 mins of sunset! 

LH rear went on and started to bleed up beautifully, then I hear a squirting noise!!! Now the system had some pressure RH rear was leaking fluid like a pressure washer! Turns out the circlip inside the piston housing (holding on the handbrake adjuster) had popped off, now let me tell you this was not a good thing; with no circlip in, you can’t wind the piston out, without the piston off, you can’t put the circlip back on! We tried everything to get this damn piston out of the housing, in the end we had to go savage style…RIP new piston and seal. Out the piston come and the caliper was reassembled with the original piston (cleaned up), was 11pm at this point so we cut the cord and went to bed. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I set about putting the car back together at 7am (and no coffee!) I had success! Fingers crossed out work wasn’t in vain, it feels good, time will tell, I will have to rebuild the RH side with a new piston when i change the discs and pads but for the time being I’m praying that I now have working rear brakes; the test drive was positive so I’m confident it’s all good!

Dan x


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