Bike Life Update

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d take the time to post about what I’ve been up to lately! So much going on that I’ve kind of neglected my blog! There’ll be a bit of everything here 🙂

Bike Life

Would you believe that I’d never been to a bike night anywhere!! Well I took the plunge a couple weeks back and had a fabulous time at Loomies bike night at West Meon! I didnt get in until gone midnight, was having such a blast. My bike life hasn’t all been glorious though; the day before bike night, I had a bit of an oil seep from the clutch cover, I decided to warm the bike up to see where it was coming from, I then decided to check the oil level, so I leaned the bike upright and as you do kinda rest it on your leg…..i was stood the exhaust side…i was in shorts….

 …I full on melted my leg, oh the agony! On a plus note i did spend a morning playing with the sv, me and the nipper changed the O ring on the clutch cover and finally fitted/modified the tail tidy!

Summer is approaching, more rides to be had.

Dan x 


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