Pole Life Update

I thought I’d take the time to post about what I’ve been up to lately! So much going on that I’ve kind of neglected my blog! There’ll be a bit of everything here 🙂

I have to say there has been a few decisions made regarding my aerial activities, some exciting, some difficult. I’ve decided to give my aerial hoop classes a miss for a little while, I currently have zero family time and Monday evening’s are so knackering I literally come home from work, wolf down some food, go to pole class, then hoop, and by the time it comes to hoop im to tired to achieve anything; im also trying to save money so I am also no longer going to pole on Mondays  (just Wednesday and workshops), this means i can have mondays back for family and chill time and save £40 a month!

 My strength has had an amazing boost lately, and it’s all down to actually eating, previously I have to admit I would never eat enough, I was always too busy…yep too busy to eat, so I’ve forced myself, it’s been tough on the mind as I have gained a few lbs but I’m now focussing on healthy eating and fitness more than ever, I have no doubt my strength and tone will improve, even with my class cut backs! I’m going to invest in a stage pole at home, yes I can see your asking…how is that saving money…well with only going to class every other Wednesday, the money saved will pay for the pole and I get to practice as much as I Like!!!!

 I still love my pole family so can’t tear myself away completely and I will be doing some shows and competitions! I’m really excited to progress further and enjoy the sport with no restrictions!!!

Dan x 


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