Bad times for the SV 

I had a pretty hectic week last week so other than fitting the tail tidy I’ve not shown the bike any attention; on Saturday morning, I was walking back to the house and turned round to look at my beautiful bike, only for this to catch my eye…

It would appear some unsavoury character has hit the sv and knocked it over, honestly I’m livid and gutted. From the scuffs, it looks like someone has parked behind it and when they pulled out they’ve clipped the front wheel and knocked it over, the exhaust has hit the kerb, the bar end mirror is all bent up and the disc lock was wedged up against the fork. They done the minor decent thing of picking it up but obviously didn’t leave their details.

Someone must have seen something or even heard something, it has a screamer alarm on it, so that must have been going off like a trooper, it also has a disc lock and chain so this surely must have made it difficult to pick back up, not to mention the weight of the bike itself. I am counting my lucky stars that the exhaust and bar mirrors took the brunt of the fall and there is no marks on anything else. I’m going to take it for a run to make sure it rides straight etc. I’ve already ordered new mirrors and am going to modify the can into a stubby…best of a bad situation I guess.

I am so desperate for a garage now, I’ve bid my interest on 5 garages that was loaded on the council website this week, I’m not holding my hopes up as this is the first batch of garages for 6 weeks. 

Fingers crossed

Dan x


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