Spring Smiles

Oh how awesome is it that spring is here????? The weekend weather was superb! Sadly the bike was kept inside, I wasn’t accepted for the garage afterall 😩 still persevering! 

Fellow lady bikers this makeup right here is sooooo resistant and definitely helmet proof! Here I’ve used the following products:

Estee Lauder double wear foundation⚫Rimmel Concealer⚫Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder⚫MAC prep & prime Fix+ Spray⚫Rimmel Glam Eyes shadow⚫Sleek Face Form Contour Kit⚫Lime Crime Valvetines Lip Gloss in Rave⚫Rimmel Special Eyes Pencil Liner⚫Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara.

This make up was for dinner out so I wouldn’t normally wear lip gloss or highlighter. I kid you not this make up does not budge!! Go follow @pistonhead_chaz on Instagram she’s an absolute babe when it comes to make up advice!

Give it a go.

Dan x


Spring Ride 

The weather is getting warmer…this means out comes the motorcycle. I’m usually an all year biker, but at the moment I have no off road parking for the SV, I don’t want to become the next victim of bike theft so she was tucked away miles and miles away from my house in October. I was very wary of pulling her out, being a 2001 curvy model it’s carb, so to be honest I was expecting to have a bit of bother with it after sitting around for 5 months. One thing I did do was remove the battery the moment it was stashed away, I kept it on trickle charge, the last thing I wanted was to add battery problems to the list of potential issues. 

So in went the battery and the moment of truth….

…she started first time! I let her warm up whilst fitting a new horn (old one looked too rusty) . Quick oil change and took her for a fresh tank of petrol. I went for a pretty good ride on it and not a beat out of place! 

I’m waiting to hear about a garage near by so I can get out on her more, but for now she’s back into hiding, I’ll get out on her again over the next few days. 

Fingers crossed for the garage

Dan x

Miata Interior!

When I got my little MX5 I found the armrest really hurt my elbow, the passenger door card had a chunk taken out of it too so I decided to play around with some fabric!

I went to trusty old ebay and hunted down some upholstery foam, I didn’t want a quilted look so just opted for some generic foam lining. 

The hero in all this was some aerosol upholstery glue, I didn’t need to use any stitching or staples on the door cards at all!  Just spray it on wait a few seconds for the solvent to evaporate and stick the foam down nice and tight! I wouldn’t rush the job take your time to get a good finish, no wrinkles.

I obviously went for the same fabric I used on my wind break, some beautiful skulls and roses. This is from a fantastic place called BST Fabrics Ltd. based in South Shields, check out their website bstfabrics.co.uk I would definitely recommend them. To secure the fabric to the foam i just done the same, spray the glue wait for the solvent to evaporate and stick the fabric down, be careful not to make it too wet as it will bleed through the fabric; make sure you pull the fabric tight…we don’t want any sags do we! And ta daaa..nice pretty new door cards…much softer on my boney elbows!!!

Dan x

Welcome to the world of Danielle!


That’s me right there…hello.

I’m Danielle, and for my first post I’ll tell you a little about me; I ride motorcycles, currently own a Suzuki SV650, so just a little one 🙂 looking at my next bike and it’s a choice of 3 (MT-10, Triumph Speed Triple or YZF-R1) 3 completely different bikes!! I Also love me some cars too, I have a little Mazda MX-5 NB she’s a 1.8 SVT in Crystal Blue, I’ve recently put my stamp on the interior so look out for a post and snaps of that too!  To keep me fit from eating cookies and such like, I do aerial arts, this includes aerial hoop (see header image) and pole dancing…have dabbled with a trapeze once or twice too!

Hope I’ve not bored you to death, hope you enjoy more to come.

Dan x